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Be a Hero for our Heroes!!

No One Fights Alone

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Why You Should Give to FireK

Let me tell you about one of our 2018 recipients, David. David was a Highway Patrolman in South Carolina, and a volunteer firefighter for more than 20 years. In 2018, he lost his own personal battle with Cancer just shy of his official retirement from the highway patrol. His fiancée and daughters were denied every future moment with him by cancer. Just Like David, Firefighters everywhere are learning cancer is not just more prevalent in our ranks, but also more fatal. While we can do little to control the dangers of this job we love, we can control our exposures, and we can make sure that like David, no one fights alone. FireK needs your help to make this goal a reality, and to continue to support the financial needs of Firefighters battling cancer. Your donation will go directly to the FireK endowment, and provide assistance to men and women like David. Join our family, and be one of the Heros helping Heroes.