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Fighting Firefighter Cancer

We are asking our partners to rally their friends, family, and networks to support Jay's efforts to run 100 miles for FireK !! Beginning on the morning of Dec 8th, Jay will run 100 miles in less than 31 hours- the distance from Jacksonville to Daytona! As the FireK team crews him, they will post updates to our social media, as well as the link to donate.Would you consider donating a dollar for every mile he completes?? Your gift can be a one time donation, or broken up into installments based on quarters, months, or even weeks!!

The Battle against Occupational cancer in the fire service has many fronts. FireK has selected this one: "The financial support of firefighting families battling cancer, individually, and without reservation."

With your help we can ensure that, because of you; firefighters from diverse geographic, social, and ethnic backgrounds can present a united front in the fight against occupational cancer. Your support will provide immediate relief financially, and improve access to treatments and care for these Firefighters.

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